Root Cause Protocol (RCP)

Root Cause Protocol (RCP)

The Root Cause Protocol was put together by Morley Robbins, aka the “Magnesium Man”.

The philosophy of the RCP is to “support the host, not attack the guest”. This means that, build up the individual’s immune system rather than go after and ‘blast’ any pathogen (viral or bacterial) with whatever we can get our hands on – often at the expense of our immune system’s ability to respond to future events. So, we focus on strengthening our bodies ability to fight off pathogens as they arise.

The end goal of this protocol is to return us to correct mineral balance, which we have all moved away from due to modern lifestyles, diets, processed foods, stress, medications and environmental pollutants.

The imbalance, or dysbiosis, comes down to iron being stored in our tissues instead of being transported in our blood stream. This leads doctors to assume we are anaemic, when the opposite is actually true.

Excess stored iron leads to oxidative stress, which leads to systemic inflammation, allergic reactions, autoimmune challenges and more.

The Root Cause Protocol seeks to return us to optimum levels of health through treating both the physical mineral imbalance as well as the vital work of healing from emotional stress. It is the emotional stress that causes iron to be stored by the body and is therefore a complete mind, body and spirit healing program.