Client Testimonials

"I had an amazing appointment with Kerri regarding tapping with past emotional trauma. At the beginning of the session I was feeling heavy and anxious.
When the tapping first began I became quite teary and by the middle of the session I found myself laughing and by the finish of the tapping session I had found a new found peace about my situation...
Thank you Kerri" J.L.

"Thank you, Kerri, for being such a warm and caring soul and making me feel very much at ease right from the get-go.

As an EFT Practitioner, I have done lots of work on myself but to also get another practitioner's guidance was invaluable.

I've been working with Kerri over a period of a couple of months now with great results. Each session has led to a breakthrough of some sort resulting in more energy, less mental stress and more clarity. I feel calmer and ready to jump into my business with enthusiasm and less trepidation.
Kerri is an excellent coach and I would thoroughly recommend her.
" E.C.

"Kerri is AMAZING. Working with her, I realised I put myself under unnecessary pressure, and that I was putting off things I needed to do. Her empathetic professional approach put me at ease immediately; she gave me permission to be OK with my choices and that felt fantastic. Kerri’s approach was gentle, yet firm and our sessions over the internet was just like being in person.
I would recommend Kerri to anyone.
" D.MK.