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28th February 2020

I want to share a little story about something that’s happened in my household this week.

We all came down with some sort of chest infection, some kind of cough thing. No fever, we just felt off and the kids reported having sore throats and tight feelings in their chests.

I’ve been following the Root Cause Protocol for almost a year now – and the philosophy of the RCP is to “support the host, not attack the guest”. This means, build up the individual’s immune system rather than go after and ‘blast’ any pathogen (viral or bacterial) with whatever we can get our hands on – often at the expense of our immune system’s ability to respond to future events. So, we focus on strengthening our bodies ability to fight off pathogens as they arise.

My family aren’t following the RCP in entirety, although I have removed all the STOPS items and deal with acute issues as they arise. Which is what I did on the weekend for my husband and while my children were home from school.

My husband was pretty amazed at how quickly he recovered from his bout of man flu (it hit him pretty hard actually) – although he had to go away for work for the week and he relapsed while away from what I was giving him. He’s been holding it together but not feeling his best self. He’ll be home soon and I’ll start ‘dosing’ him up again straight away.

We focus on things like: cod liver oil; retinol; wholefood vitamin C (which is different to ascorbic acid – as AA is only part of the whole vitamin C molecule); bone broths; avoiding inflammatory foods; extra electrolytes etc.

My children missed 3 days of school, and are still tired and a little cranky when they come home. Their bodies are still responding and recovering from dealing with that infection.

I felt a little flat and had reduced energy and that was the extent of it for me! No cough, or chest tickle like the others are saying and I feel completely fine now, and have done for a few days.

All this has reminded me that we are approaching winter here in Australia and therefore cold and flu season. The government is already specifying that we need to keep the focus on handling this season and especially with the fears of the corona virus pandemic, as they’re calling it. Hand sanitisers are selling out because people are so worried about the spread of this virus.

If you’re concerned about the ability of your, or your family members’, immune system’s ability to respond to pathogens and infections and want to boost your immune response from within – just send me a message and we can discuss your options!


"I had an amazing appointment with Kerri regarding tapping with past emotional trauma. At the beginning of the session I was feeling heavy and anxious.

When the tapping first began I became quite teary and by the middle of the session I found myself laughing and by the finish of the tapping session I had found a new found peace about my situation...

Thank you Kerri" JL